John David Carney

As Joseph (American Horror Stories, Scissors, Quarterback University Notre Dame)

Kerttu Karon

As Alita (Dr. Feelgood, Stronghold, F45 Calabasas)

Orestes Matacena

As Tabasco (The Mask, Revelations)

Orlando Mcnary

As SWAT (The Adventures of Buster Smith, Walk by Faith, Kissing Strangers)


Author, From Punk to Pastor (Violent Blue, Kissing Strangers, Sid Roths Its Supernatural, Boston Legal, Angels and Demons, Frost Nixon)


As Amanda (Kissing Strangers, Boston Legal, Last Comic Standing)

Ruben Rabasa

As Sako (Ant Man, Father of the Bride, Red on Red)

Yogi Joshi

As Rocket (Son of Sam)

Alice Cooper

As Pastor Known for Wayne’s World—X-men