Company Background

House of God Films LLC (the “Company”) is an independent film production company which is in the process of being formed/created as a corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of California, for the purpose of producing a feature length motion picture with the working title “The Seer” (the “Film”).

The Company will be managed by a team of individuals with a total of more than 74 years of experience in the field of film production.

Concept Summary

The Film is a highly marketable faith-based project that’s based on true events. The storyline is a true story that follows a young man who turned his life around after finding God. Based on the book, “From Punk to Pastor” the project will be filmed on a low budget utilizing high caliber cast to maximize the return for investors.

The Industry

North American box office figures topped $10 billion in 2022. Analysts project a $12 billion worldwide box office in 2023. Independent films brought in $2.75 billion of the total 2022 box office gross worldwide.

The Market

In 2022, Drama films comprised 15% of the total number of films produced during that year and grossed $1,489,411,873 in the United States. Christian-motivated movies earned $64.3 MIL

Distribution Strategy

The motion picture industry is highly competitive, with much of a film’s success being directly related to the skills of the distributor’s marketing strategy. Producers intend to aid this strategy by assembling a marketable cast that will propel the Film in the box office worldwide. The Company intends to negotiate with a domestic distributor, either an independent distributor or a studio.

The Director and Producers have positive relationships with many distributors, including Affirm Film, Warner Bros., TriStar, IM Global, Universal, Lions Gate and Paramount. To maximize the Company’s bargaining power, the distribution negotiation will begin just prior to or immediately following completion of principal photography. This strategy increases the potential profit that the film could earn.


1.1 History & Background

The independent production of The Seer will be owned by House of God Films LLC, to be incorporated in 2023 specifically for this purpose.

The Company intends to move the Film from the process of development into pre-production and production, through post-production and into distribution.

Since the Company was formed by a team of industry professionals from a variety of production backgrounds, it has the potential to create a highly successful motion picture. The advantages to this are clear:

Development. A good script is vital as the basis for a successful film. Doc has invested ten years and $150,000 in the script development. The script for the Film is a Faith Based Drama based on a book about God at work in the life of an undesirable. This script combines familiarity and innovation in telling a story about finding religion.

Genre. The Film falls into a genre that has traditionally been very successful for the motion picture industry. Recent box office successes have verified the public's appetite for Faith Based Dramas. These Films typically have a broad audience appeal and are well received by the viewing public.
Release. Since the film caters to a broad-based audience, it is intended for an initial theatrical release, which will then translate into additional revenue streams in other media, such as online sales and rental, DVD sales, video and television broadcast. This also means that the film will have a greater chance to earn more money in the foreign marketplace.

Experience. Because the creative team behind the project has extensive experience within the industry, the Company plans to utilize the contacts and resources available to it to produce the film at a much lower cost than what a similar film project would cost if it was produced inside the studio system. By having independent status, the Company can reap the benefits available to independent productions, such as discounts in equipment rentals, camera packages and film processing rates, while still allowing us to maintain the highest production values. This means that the investors will benefit from a film that has the appearance of costing more than it actually does.

Investment Opportunity

The producers have a partially packaged and strategically proposed cast project. The project will be supported by an interactive website and other marketing materials to attract the attention of fans worldwide. This package will all include a proposed $255,768.00 budget.

Funds Sought

The Company is seeking $255,768.00 in capital to fund the production of the Film over a period of five to nine months. The Company proposes to secure all of its funds from venture capitalists and private investors.

The producers have engaged in general discussions with other certain proposed actors and agents. However, actors agents and managers rarely agree to execute letters of intent or definitive agreements until the production company can demonstrate it has verifiable funds deposited into its production bank account specifically for the production of the motion picture in question.

 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the producers remain confident that the quality of The Seer project coupled with verifiable funds will enable them to conclude advantageous, financially reasonable contractual agreements with commercially successful cast members that will serve to propel the end product at the box office worldwide.